Check Out
Friday, March 13, 2009

Thanks to everyone who submitted stories, poems, photos, songs, and films. We are poring over every submission and will be responding to contributors soon.

In the meantime, you must all go check out, the most fabulous new magazine created in the last five centuries. With the cacophony of media clamoring for attention these days, believe us, we wouldn't add anything to your list of daily stimuli unless it was really, really worth it. The Rumpus is really worth it.

Edited by Stephen Elliott, The Rumpus has fantastic original content, themed blogs (on music, film, etc.), and "Around the Web" -- amazing bits of writing and video that, for some reason, no one else noticed, but everyone should see.

The Rumpus describes itself here:

The is an online magazine focused on culture with some politics (the subtitle is Books, Music, Art, Media, Film, Politics, Sex, Other -- which kind of says it all).

The original content is primarily reviews of books, movies, and music as well as short interviews and personal essays along with reprints of essays published in literary journals not available online.

The Rumpus is not going to worry about being the first to break the news. We’re focused on culture but not “People-Magazine culture.” We want to introduce readers to things they might not have heard of yet. The Web was supposed to diversify content and so far it hasn’t. If anything, the Internet has amplified the echo chamber so all the big online magazines are focusing on the same stories. Nobody’s paying any attention, for example, to books that have been out for a couple of months and haven’t had some massive debut. We’re not going to worry about reviewing books the minute they’re released, or following the publisher’s lead on what we should or shouldn’t pay attention to. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to do an interview with Malcolm Gladwell, we are, because we like Malcolm Gladwell.

You can count on The Rumpus to update at least ten times every weekday, probably more.