"Fight or Flight" release party photos
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missed the fabulous party at the Deluxe? Here are some photos that will make you feel as if you were there.....

April Sinclair mesmerizes the crowd.

Chris Colin takes advantage of the mood lighting.

Zyzzyva Founding Editor Howard Junker and Managing Editor Kristin Kearns.

Memoirist Suzanne Ginsburg and dance critic/memoirist/novelist Rachel Howard enjoy the night.

Happy listeners Julie and Craig.

Big Ugly contributor and Zyzzva Managing Editor Kristin Kearns, with her boyfriend Matty.

Karen Bjorneby reads about revenge.

Contributors Joe Quirk, April Sinclair and Nina Schuyler relax.

Joe Quirk.

Lovely Big Ugly Review Editorial Assistant Jaynel Attolini.

Sez Giulian plays an opening song for the crowd, blocked by Big Ugly Review editor Elizabeth Bernstein's awkwardly placed head and weirdly clapping hands.

Listeners from Dublit.com, who recorded the show.

Donna Hunter cracks up while listening to April Sinclair.

The audience is happy.