Issue 2

Broken Pretty Things
by Grant Faulkner

Valncia Gardens
by Tom Erikson

Trampling Free Speech
by Nigel French

Trampling Free Speech
The NYPD Crackdown on RNC Protests
By Nigel French

The next day, the War Resisters’ League planned to march from Ground Zero to Madison Square Garden, where they would conduct a die-in. Two hundred of their number were arrested before they could begin their action; those left pressed on regardless. At 28th & Broadway, their path blocked by the cops, they lay down in the street. One bystander, a Republican perhaps, chose to mock their civil disobedience. Ice cream in hand she lay down next to them, reclining luxuriously on the tarmac, a big grin on her face. When she decided she’d derided them enough, she got up to leave. The cops, who by this time had formed a tight net around the protesters, pushed her back behind their cordon and she too was arrested. I wonder how she’ll be voting in November.

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