Issue 6


Scots Wed

by John M. Anderson

Home Bridal

by John M. Anderson


by Amanda Field

Winter Landscape

by Amanda Field

Prologue to Heartbreak

by Amanda Field

Homesick Poem

by Denise Dooley

First Time I Saw Grandpa Shirtless

by Grey Held


by Edward Smallfield

First Time I Saw Grandpa Shirtless
by Grey Held
It was at the retirement center's indoor pool.
The scar from his heart
surgery cut a raw path
from belly to chest hair, twisted and sparse.
His skin was flecked with a hundred
dark constellations. There were
pouches under his eyes
and his wedding ring constricted
his finger into a sausage.
Hey partner, he said,
and bent down to kiss me,
offering his fruitful approval
like a silver dollar, like a pack of gum.
Mist huddled in the ceiling coffers.
The wall of glass tile blocks
distorted the courtyard trees
into specters. I was afraid of the old
men's laughter that trailed into wheezing fits,
afraid even of the sound
of their flip-flops slapping.

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